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Turnip For Love

Anyone is Welcome.
Everyone Eats.

Turnip For Love

TFL is our primary community partner
collaborating on Food & Nutrition Initiatives

Sharing food is our love language.
Community happens at the dinner table.

TFL hosts sit-down or take out community meals in partnership with Rachel's Cafe & Creperie in downtown Lancaster. TFL shares freshly cooked, nutrient dense, plant-based meals along with providing useful household items.

DECA City Provisions

Zero-waste | Hyper Local | Craft Medicinals

DCP is dedicated to making the most of the harvest by empowering ourselves and our Communities towards sustainability, inviting local food entrepenours to partner with us.
We use the latest in food presevation technology to maintain accessibilty for all.

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Lancaster County | Raw | Cold Filtered

Our locally sourced honeys are infused for sixty days or more saturating the nectar with intricate flavor.

Bold and Refined.  


  Contradiction Ends | Equality Begins

                You can have it all. Healthy snack that tastes amazing!

Concentrated flavor and minimal reduction of nutrients, our lyophilized produce, panty items and snacks are the most nutrient-dense way to fill the shelves and your bellies. 

Ensure the food security of your family and the health and wellness of your community  by trusting a local brand with integrity. 


Joy is the spice of life

Take the guilt out of snacking with our line of Freeze Dried Galaxy Treats

Enjoy snacking like a kid again!


Fortify Your Diet | Fortify Your Day

Increase your daily nutrient intake with ease. Power Powder is the answer!

Using the newest food preservation techniques, Power Powders turns 2 cups of vegetables, the suggested minimum daily intake, into 2 tablespoons of powder. Mix Power Powders with water, juice or into any meal, smoothie, stew or dessert to fortify your diet and your life.

Now even the most picky of eaters can enjoy nutrient dense meals with Power Powders.


The Black Line

Conscious Luxury

The Black Line is our line of guilt-free Luxury condiments and pantry items.

A portion of the proceeds from each purchase is redirected towards our non-profit initiatives. 

The Black Line is luxury, you can feel good about from a brand you trust.

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