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Backyard Farming Co-op

The Backyard Farming Co-op (BFC) creates community by bringing together garden-farmers from every corner of Lancaster City, with the intention of providing food security for neighbors in need. This branch benefits communities by maintaining private and public gardens, and offering networking opportunities. We offer monetary benefits to dedicated members, and we are exploring an member-owner model in order to cultivate an official and invested garden-farmer team for BFC's "Lancaster City CSA"

Lancaster City Gardening Friends

Connection & Shared Resources

LCCGF is our primary community partner under the

DECA City Community branch

LCGF is a way for the gardeners of Lancaster to connect, get our hands dirty, share resources, and create lasting friendships based on commonly held values.

LCGF holds periodic meetups at different locations in Lancaster to help bring folks together wit ha common passion and knowledge for gardening, faming and aligning activities. Whether you have a garden, want a garden, or just need a group of like-minded individuals to spend time with, LCGF is it!

Lancaster CIty Gardening Friends

Neighbors Feeding Neighbors

The DECA City Community are a network of residents who are passionate about our city and giving back to our communities. We share in the mission to cultivate abundant households and guide vulnerable communities towards sustainability through the collective acts of garden-farming.

Join the movement here.

Subscribe to our CSA

Do you lead a busy life and want to prioritize the health of your household?

Do you want to support urban and local agriculture? 

Do you want fresh vegetables delivered to your doorstep?

Sign up for our Lancaster City CSA here

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A group of people, united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social and cultural needs through a jointly-owned enterprise

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