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Discerning Eye Community Agriculture (DECA) is a Lancaster, Pa based 501(c)3 committed to creating sustainable Wellness and abundance in our under-served communities; and fostering agency and inclusion in the local billion dollar fresh food industry. We achieve this mission through our three branches of service.

Branches of Service

What We Do


DECA City COmmunity

Community Benefit Initiatives


Deca City Provisions

Food & Nutrition 



Deca City Farms

Farm Operations &

Environmental Initiatives

Who We Are

Discerning Eye Community Agriculture is a community of passionate residents dedicated to engaging communities towards Food Justice, Wellness and Abundance through a holistic and innovative framework. 


What We Do

DECA uses a multi-pronged framework to approach Food Justice issues based on the National Wellness Institute's (NWI's) 6 Pillars of Wellness Model.

Vegetable Farm


Discerning Eye Community Agriculture

P.O. Box 444 Lancaster, PA 17608

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Child Holding Fresh Produce
Empowering farmers. Connecting neighbors.
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